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Unlock the Power of Your Car

Logbook loans are an easy and effective way to get the cash you need without the hassle of dealing with a traditional banking system.

Regardless of whether you need money to pay off an unexpected medical bill or make repairs to your home, Cash Converters Logbook Loansoffers the experience and understanding necessary to get you the absolute best V5 loan at the absolute best interest rat. Cash Converters Logbook Loans is dedicated to your financial success, and it's with this dedication we approach every client.

Save Money and Time With a Logbook Loan

Logbook loans offer financial assistance when banks and other loan lenders say no.

Quality Service. Quality People.

At Cash Converters Logbook Loans we believe the only way our customers are able to receive quality service is to hire only quality people. That's why all of our staff undergo a vigorous training program to help identify the best loan for each of our unique customers. Regardless of your financial history and current credit score, you're able to receive the loan you need without the hassle of a traditional bank system.

Requirements for Logbook Loan

If you're curious about a logbook loan, take a moment to learn about our requirements for this type of loan.

What is a Logbook Loan?

At One of the swiftest growing sub-prime loan options in the United Kingdom is what's referred to as a logbook loan. Also known as a V5 loan, London logbook loans are designed to offer cash not based on your credit score, but against the value of your vehicle.

Payment Terms for Logbook Loans

Learn more about logbook loan payment terms to ensure this is the best decision for you.

Cash Converters Logbook Loans is a hassle-free solution for those seeking immediate cash. Upon review of your vehicle and other financial documents, our loan officers offer a loan based upon this information. Once activated, funds are immediately deposited into your account and our company temporarily owns your vehicle. Once you fully repay your loan, ownership is transferred back to you.

Unlike other logbook loan lenders,Cash Converters Logbook Loansallows our clients to keep their car while they repay on their loan.

Logbook Loan Vehicle Qualification Requirements

Learn what type of vehicles qualify for a logbook loan.

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Quality Service. Quality People.

With hundreds of satisfied clients, Cash Converters Logbook Loans is among the most sought after logbook loan lenders. Allow us the opportunity to provide you with outstanding service and industry leading rates. After discussing your loan options with one of our professional loan officers, you'll feel comfort in knowing we're not here to secure an outrageous loan, but to provide you with the peace of mind knowing you and your family are financially cared for.

Fiorella Facheris

“Very nice company and people. All charges are clearly stated in their policies and they actually work with you to get the lowest rates.”

Christian Strecker

“Love their flexible repayment terms. Their brilliant staff and service made getting my loan an easy and actually enjoyable experience.”

Jason goldie

“I recommend Cash Converters Logbook Loans to anyone who's looking for a fast loan with great repayment terms. Their staff are amazing and their rates are even more amazing!”

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